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I follow the blog  So I received an e-mail this morning that she (SR) has a new post.  She received a Liebster Award, which is given to blogs that are good (thoughtful, makes us laugh, blogs we enjoy) that have less than 200 followers.  When a blog is nominated, they nominate 9 more blogs.  Imagine my surprise when SR nominated me for a Liebster- I have read other posts when another blogger has won (I am also annumland who writes society commentator on wordpress) and thought it would be cool to win, but didn’t expect it.  So, THANK-YOU VERY MUCH, SR!!  There are certain tasks to complete, so let’s get started.  The tasks are:

1.  Post the Liebster award graphic on your site.

2.  Thank the blogger who nominated the blog for the Liebster Award and link back to their blog.

3.  The blogger then writes 11 facts about themselves so people who discover their blog through the Liebster post will learn more about them.

4.  In addition to posting 11 fun facts about themselves, nominated bloggers should also answer the 11 questions from the post of the person who nominated them.

5.  The nominated blogger will in turn, nominate 9 other blogs with 200 or less followers.

6.  The nominated blogger will create 11 questions for their nominated blogs to answer in their Liebster post.

I have the first two tasks done, so here goes number three:

1. I was born and raised in Central Illinois.

2. The town I grew up in and the town I live in now are down the road from each other.  I live in a town called Farmer City (The One & Only- it is seriously the only incorporated town in the entire world called Farmer City).  Seems that the name of the town should tell you what the main occupation is in this area!

3. I went to an all-girls Catholic boarding school in Southern Indiana called Marian Heights Academy for high school.  Unfortunately, it is now closed.

4. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Communication, with a minor in Broadcast Journalism from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

5. I am married with three kids.  Will celebrate 19th anniversary next month.

6. I am co-DRE (Director of Religious Education) at the same church were I was baptized .

7. Was not married in this church because the priest there seemed  more interested in his own power and the keeping secrets than he did in being a shepherd of Jesus.

8. I currently work part-time in a school cafeteria, but am looking for a full-time job.  May start Affiliate Marketing since I have a son who will be getting ready for college in a couple of years.

9. My oldest daughter is a tomboy and she plays football & I couldn’t be more proud of her.

10. My younger daughter is a girly girl and a drama queen, so it’s not boring at our house.  She is singing a solo at a contest this weekend and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

11. My son, my oldest child, is super responsible and when he and I work at the Food Pantry once a month, he enjoys it.  He is not sure what he wants to do with his life, but I know he will find his way and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Ok, now onto the questions from my nominator:

1.  Do you have any pets?          I have a cat.  He is a 3-year old orange tabby we rescued as a kitten

2.  Do you live in the country or city?          I live in town

3.  What is your favorite hobby?                     My favorite hobby is reading.

4.  What do you get out of blogging?             It is something I do for myself that is separate from my life as wife and mother.

5.  Do you like indoors or outdoors?             Depends on the time of year!

6.  Do you like your own company, and if so why?           As long as I am not having a day where I am feeling sorry                                                                                                                                        for myself

7.  If someone took your computer away and you could never have one again, would it throw you into despair?    Oh, heavens, YES!!!  I can’t take it if my internet is temporarily down!

8.  Do you text message while driving? (Be honest!)          I used to read them if I knew it was from my hubby or kids & I would read a word, look at the road, read a word & only text back if it was like “K”.  If it was a long text or a long message, would call & only about half-way listen to the conversation.  Now, either someone will read & text for me or I wait until at a stop sign or stop light.

9.  Do you like to read?                  Yes, love it.

10.  What is your favorite place to go and eat?                              Any sit-down restaurant where someone comes to the table.

11.  If you could do one thing to make the world a better place to live, what would it be?             Encourage everyone to treat each other as equals and to listen to each other.

Drumroll please…..And here are the nominees:

1. –  God always Hopes    I think this is brand-new, but it gave me a whole new perspective on the Our Father.

2. – Let God Be God     A blog to improve our understanding of God

3.    Scriptures and how they apply to our modern-day lives

4. – Thoughts Along the Way    A new minister who shares his journey

5.   A blog using different types of form to talk about the world

6.     Another blog about society

7.  Some prose, some verse, all enjoyable

8. – Everyone Is Welcome! Ms Vee’s Blogs…Anything Goes     fiction

9. – The Island of Misfit Stories    fiction

And the last step, my 11 questions:

1.  If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

2. Why would you live there?

3. What made you start blogging?

4. Do you feel your family supports you?

5. What is your favorite season of the year?

6. What is your favorite television channel?

7. Are you an athlete?

8. How many friends from high school are you still friends with?

9. If you could time travel to any time or anywhere for one day, where and when would you go?

10. If you could be anyone for a day, past or present, who would it be?

11. What do you see as the biggest problem in the world?



  1. It was MY honor and I loved learning more about you. 🙂 God Bless, SR

  2. Thank you so much! 🙂
    Your kids seem great 🙂 and a cyber five for the cat 🙂

    Have a lovely day

    1. You are most welcome! And Andy gives you a cyber five back, just don’t tell anyone cuz he is one cool cat!

  3. Thank you very much! I really appreciate the nomination. 🙂 I will be posting soon. Thank you again. Have a wonderful day.

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  6. Good day SR,
    I’m pleased that you liked my answers. Have a wonderful day.

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