I  have been experiencing internet trouble.  I wrote this Sunday and just after I saved it and before I could publish it, my internet connection went down.


Happy Sunday!  My post today isn’t specifically Catholic related, but Fr Jim had a great homily this morning.  He started out talking about last weekend, the big story wasn’t Pope Francis’ Easter message, but was something that happened in Indianapolis at a basketball game.  Probably all of you have heard about what happened to Kevin Ware of the University of Louisville basketball team.  But just in case some of you haven’t, Kevin jumped up to make a shot, but when he came down, he landed wrong and broke his leg.  And it wasn’t a simple break, but was instead a compound fracture, with a bone sticking through the skin six inches.  Father said how Kevin had this horrifying injury (even Kevin Ware called it “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” when he described it on David Letterman) and yet, the doctors say he could be back playing basketball in a year or less.  But Jesus had a horrifying death, haven been nailed to a cross, and he came back from that in just three days!    What a great message for us, that Jesus came back from a horrifying death, that he allowed Himself this death, and came back from it three days for us!  We are saved by Christ’s death and resurrection.

During the Easter Season, the first readings at Mass come from the Acts of the Apostles rather than from the Old Testament.  So the readings are about the Apostles going out and preaching, because that was the instruction left them by Jesus.  How scary was that, to be the ones out front preaching instead of the support staff, especially after Jesus’ death.  And yet we are also called to spread the Word, to evangelize.  Sometimes, all it takes is leading a good life and showing how we care.  Sometimes, it’s by taking a more active role.  Jesus will let us know what


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