First Friday

It is First Friday. Those of you who are Catholic may be thinking, “So what?” The first Friday of the month is special for Catholics. Jesus designated this day for the consecration of His Sacred Heart. Catholic churches always have a First Friday Mass and it is believed that if someone attends nine consecutive First Friday Masses and receives communion will not die under His displeasure or without receiving their sacraments. They will receive final repentance from Jesus. Not too bad just for receiving communion nine First Fridays in a row. Although, there are people who have been attending First Friday for years because, number one, they are in the habit of it, plus, the more often we praise and glorify God, the better off we are. Plus, as I discussed in my first post, Catholics believe that Communion is receiving the actual Body and Blood of Jesus. I know this has been a short post and maybe there are questions. Put those in the comments and I will discuss more in another post.


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