Seasons of the Church Year

I am currently a Co-DRE (Director of Religious Education) at my church. Last night, it was my turn to talk to the kids during the opening of CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine). I talked to the kids about how we weren’t done celebrating Easter just because the day itself is over. We are currently in the season of Easter and will be until May 12, the day we will be celebrating the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ this year. Yes, the actual Ascension Thursday is May 9, but the Ascension will be what the Sunday Mass will be about. On the 19th of May, we will celebrate Pentecost and on the 26th, The Most Holy Trinity, but these will be celebrated during “Ordinary Time”, in other words, the part of the Church year that is not Advent, Christmas, Lent or Easter. You may be thinking, why divide up the year? Why does it make a difference? Well, the time of year determines what prayers we say at Mass, what Church decorations can be up, even what color vestments the priest and deacons wear. The Catholic Church is very structured. Since it is Easter season, we are celebrating Christ’s victory over death and hearing about the fear and understanding of the apostles. As I told the kids last night, the apostles have been in supporting role for three years and now they will be the ones front and center spreading the words.  We will learn how Jesus prepares them for their new roles.  The churches are decorated with flowers and gold altar cloths.  The covers are off the statues and the crucifix.  We are celebrating and learning along with the apostles how to spread the Word of God.



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